Thoughts and Prayers

This past week has left me feeling beyond sad. There are no words to express my innermost thoughts over the shooting in Florida. But when you compound that with the social media mockery of those offering thoughts and prayers my soul aches for what mankind is becoming.

There are huge blocks of people who cannot accept any thought or idea that is different than their own. You must react as they dictate and sadly, that does not include sending up thoughts of healing and good will for one another. And prayer? Well, it has little place in this modern society.

What has happened to us? When prayers are mocked we have a much larger issue than anyone seems to realize. Its beyond time to put God back into our lives and think about one another with love and peace. These thoughts turn into actions and together we make the world a better place. Those in need are held up by the thoughts and love surrounding them.

Mock me all you want. Today, as always, I’ll send out my thoughts and prayers. May God shine his love upon you and shower you with mercy and blessings. Today and always.


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