The Hustle and Bustle

All too often life is held hostage by the hustle and bustle of activity consuming us. We’re so focused on getting to the store for groceries or trapped on the freeway, as we inch our way to work, we forget to find the magic and wonder in these moments.

Yes, they are there. Take a moment to offer a kind word to the person in front of you in line, or to let a driver merge when there’s seemingly no room for them. Don’t be in such a rush, jockeying for position that you forget we are all humans with the same basic needs.

We need love and compassion. Kindness and joy. Understanding and patience. Sprinkle your day with these things and stress will start to melt away. Be the best human you can possibly be. You have one job – and that’s it. Be a good human. I dare you.


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