A million things have all come tumbling down at once. Work and more work. Social obligations. Writing events. This past couple of weeks have been an amazing journey through stress and perseverance. Trying to remember to keep my head up, my heart happy and my soul full of joy has been a grand adventure.

I found an interesting antidote for what’s ailing me. I quit looking inside and fixating on my stress and tried to find ways to make a difference in the lives of others. A mom struggling with a ‘terrible twos’ child while juggling her other two. All she needed was a sticker and the terrible turned terrific. I told another young lady how special she was. The smile that stretched ear-to-ear was worth all the gold in the world to me at that moment. It only took a little bit to make my perspective change and my stress levels to drop.

Letting silence in, squelching  the madness running through me made all the difference in the world. Look outside into the world and make a difference. It’ll fix what ails you.


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