Its Raining…

When you live in Southern California, like I do, rain is a major event. It doesn’t happen all that often, and as the drought drags on, we’ve been getting less and less. This morning I woke up to the gentle pitter patter of raindrops splattering down on the skylight. I love this sound. Truth be told, while I love living in the desert, I do miss the huge downpours that other areas get.

Today, while I had to resist the urge to wrap myself in the covers and refuse to budge from my nice warm bed – every day I have this struggle – I thought about the rain. I could hear it already. The same people who will grumble that we need rain and badly, will today be grousing that the liquid sunshine is spilling from the skies. You can’t make some people happy.

And yet, there are those who will be happy to embrace the rain and live in the moment. I try very hard to be that person. Be happy with what you have when you have it. Accept the changes. Be happy. Don’t wish you had a bigger house, instead love the character and snugness of your present abode. Now, that doesn’t mean do work for what you want and change situations. Absolutely not. Just embrace where you are now. What you have. One day you’ll look back and these will be the ‘good ole days’. Let yourself be happy in them.

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