I watched the cutest video on FaceBook the other day. Four little girls – can you imagine have four babies at once? – all tottering around, giving each other hugs. It was as sweet as you can imagine. What struck me, though, was how pure and innocent the actions were. They didn’t want to get anything, they just wanted to give a hug. And yet, after they’d done it you could see the glow on their faces. They’d received as much as they’d given. Maybe more.

What if we could be like children? Giving without expecting to receive. Finding the small moments in the day to give a hug or a smile or a kind word. It wouldn’t cost us anything yet the rewards would be immense.

So, here’s my challenge to you, as you slog through your day, vainly trying to keep your New Year’s resolutions – be kind. To yourself. To a stranger. To the universe. Find some way to share a kindness today and tomorrow and for all the tomorrows to come.

Go forth. Be a good human.


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