Being Selfish

As the year rolls to a close I find myself reflecting back. The good. The bad. The ugly. Actually, it’s been a very good year with very little to complain about. Looking forward I am ready to set some goals and benchmarks to meet. One of them will surprise you, I think.

2018 is the year I am a little more selfish, grabbing more hours to work towards my own personal goals. Spending so much time peddling towards goals for everyone else I haven’t let myself believe in my own dream enough. Writing time is precious, disappearing from the calendar every time a client or a friend needs something. I’m not complaining. Its just a reality.

Ever since I’ve started to think of my writing as a career – a job – I’ve realized how little time I actually get to put into it. The new year will see that change. I’m taking time for myself. Even now I can feel my chest tightening, long angry tendrils clutching at my heart. “How can you be so selfish?” A raspy voice whispers the question deep inside my soul.

Everyone needs a little ‘me’ time. Make sure you give it to yourself. Be kind to you along with everyone else. You deserve it. Now, excuse me while I go and squelch that inner voice. Time to squash it and move forward and believe in my dream.


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