Be Kind to Yourself

My world is full of chaos and madness at the moment. I’m sure yours is too. The holidays, which are supposed to be full of wonderful memories can become more than hectic. Couple that with work ramping up and a new grandchild who is taking their time arriving and you might just begin to get a hint of what my life is like at the moment. Crazy doesn’t even cover it.

But in the middle of the swirling chaos a tiny thought hatched in my head. I spend time thinking of ways to give to others but I don’t give the one thing to myself I’m craving right now. Permission not to do everything. I’ll drive myself until I can’t go any more.

Why is it easier to be nice to strangers than it is to yourself? Maybe I’ll never know the answer. It doesn’t matter. Take a few minutes and be kind to yourself today. Let your compassion blossom inside your own soul. You deserve it. You’re special. Believe that.


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