Its a writer thing

I spend a lot of time people watching. Yeah, I might as well admit it, I listen to their conversations. Not so much to hear what they’re saying but to absorb the way they talk. The differences in people – this fascinates me. And if I’m being honest, I might as well admit the rest. I make up stories about the people I see while I’m out and about.

It might be a person walking down the street pushing a baby stroller or it could be the harried driver jockeying for position on the freeway. It doesn’t matter. I have stories for everyone. But you know what?

Everyone does have a story. If you take a minute to watch what’s going on around you, you might also discover their stories. You might see a mother having a bad day, struggling with an overly tired toddler. Or an elderly man straining to carry a box into the post office.

People and their stories. They surround us. Take a moment, figure out what they need to turn a bad day upside down. Bring a moment of joy to their lives. It takes so little but it means so much. Go forth, be a good human.


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