Tis Better to Give

All I had to do this morning was to open my inbox to see what season it is. Buy this, buy that. Too many were about what people want this holiday season. Do you know that I didn’t see one mention about giving from the heart to those in need? Not one. Its not surprising, really, given the fact that they wanted to sell products.

It just makes me sad. Christmas and commercialization have melded into this gigantic ‘give me’ season. While I will gladly buy presents for the kiddos and try to find the perfect thing for the hubster I will not forget others this Christmas. There will be an extra toy or two delivered to the local fire station. An angel plucked from a tree to give what is frequently more of a necessity than a toy. I think I’ll buy a couple of blankets for the homeless while I’m at it. And please, do not thank me or tell me I’m a nice person.

I’m simply human. We are all family and should help one another. What will you do this season? Who will you give to? Take some time and volunteer to read at the local library. Do something. It doesn’t have to cost you a thing. What it gives you in return is priceless.

Go. Be a good human.


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