Always Give Thanks

As everyone scurries around getting ready for the holiday focused on feasting I turn my heart to thanks. Be thankful for the blessings surrounding you today. Not just tomorrow when a big fat turkey is being basted in the oven. Today. Next week. Holidays are lots of fun, sure. Surrounded by family and friends, feeling loved as you absorb the laughter and happiness, it’s easy to feel good.

But what about those who are alone? Those who find it hard to feel the festive vibes. Reach out and share your blessings with others. Invite someone to dinner because they have no place else to go. Give of yourself and make them feel welcomed.

As I ponder what it means to give, I’m thinking next year shall be a transition year for our family. No Thursday thanksgiving feast. Instead, we should go and help feed those in need. What a fabulous gift that would be. We can gorge ourselves on Friday, if we feel the need.

Thanksgiving isn’t about the turkey and the trimmings. Its about being appreciative of all you have and being a good neighbor. Huddling around the football games shouldn’t replace family and reaching out to others.

Count your blessings today and every day. I do. I call them all by name. Ron. Sarah. Courtney. Melissa. Jeremy. Christopher. Mallory. Josh. Jonathan. Wyatt. Bart. Baby X (no name yet!) and Harley. My dear friends, Karin. Norm. Josie. Janet. Pam.Vanessa. I could go on and on. You know who you are. Thank you for being the light in my life and the happiness that dances in my soul.

Happy Thanksgiving one and all.


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