A Bed of Roses

Life is not always fun nor fair. Honestly, I think that’s a lesson important for everyone to learn early on. You’re going to get kicked in the teeth and punched when you’re down. Like it or not, it is going to happen sooner or later.

Its how you handle it that matters. Think of it this way. Ff you’re rolling around in a fragrant bed of roses, you will eventually find a thorn. Or it will find you. The why doesn’t matter. It hurts. You cry. You pick yourself up and move on.

What are your choices? You can wallow in the bed, right there amongst the thorns and feel sorry for yourself or you can recognize the situation for what it is, pulling yourself up by your bootstraps, so to speak, and go out into the world. Someone is having a worse day than you. Almost always. Find a way to make a difference to them. It’ll change your perspective and theirs. Even if its painful, give a smile away. The smile you receive in return is your gift. Let it heal your soul. Accept it with gratitude and joy. Before you know it, love has wrapped itself around you – a generous balm to take away your own pain.

Is it that simple? Not always. You have to decide you want to be happy. Then let the joy in. Otherwise, you cocoon yourself in whatever it was that hurt you, wallowing in the same misery. Don’t give that power over you. Move on.

Good spread joy and love and gratitude. The world could use a lot of that right now.


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