Becoming the Mirror

Between last night and this morning I’ve read too many articles about bad people trying to do bad things. The worst part is they are all local. Initially, it left me shaking my head, wondering what was going on. Unfortunately, I think I know part of the problem. I believe in being a good person, and doing things for others. I don’t think I’m unique as I know plenty of others who give of themselves. Perhaps, there’s just not enough of us.

Believe me, I know how hard it is to work full time, raise your children and juggle all the extra activities both at school and with sports. It can take every minute of your waking hours and more to pull that off. So, its hard to find a second or two to even think about helping people, let alone actually do it.

But you have to. Children see what we do. They mirror our actions and our speech. Eventually we all grow up to reflect the world we’ve seen. The greatest kindness and the biggest gift we can give our children is to shine by example, doing good for others and for ourselves. Not only does it change who our children become but it then becomes a larger reflection upon our society.

I’m not talking about big things, either. Its the small little kindnesses. The share smile. The door held open. Saying thank you. Letting a car in front of you in traffic without grumbling and cursing. Each one is a tiny thing but together they speak volumes.

Do a kindness today, without expecting anything in return. Shine the light of goodness out into the universe. Be the role model our children need. Be a good human. Start today.


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