The Morning After

I woke up this morning, sucked air into my lungs and decided to be happy before my feet even hit the floor. Today, it wasn’t as easy as my first thoughts went to the news from yesterday.

Yesterday the world spun a little more off kilter, churning out of control. Making it harder to feel so perky and full of joy. A seventy-year-old woman held hostage. Numerous people killed in New York. Rage and terrorism collided in one single day leaving me feeling emotionally drained and struggling to understand. I could have stayed there, wrapped in my emotions and seeking protection.

But I decided I can’t. My job is to move on. To try to be a better person today than I was yesterday. To hold those killed and their families in my prayers and to cherish those I love. Ron. Sarah. Courtney. Melissa. Jeremy. Christopher. Erick. Lizzy. Wyatt. Bart. He who has no name. Harley. Jonathan. Mallory. Josh.

It’s quite a list and doesn’t even include the pups or my friends who are very dear to me. I have a lot to be grateful for and I must move forward embracing each person, and every memory. It’s my turn to infuse the world with love. I think it’s your turn, too.

Try not to let the hatred spewing forth at every rotation of the earth derail you from your mission. Be good and kind. Spread joy and happiness. Be bold and brave. Let’s all be the change we so desperately need. Evil wins unless we smother it with goodness and love.


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