How Important Are You?

Like most people I spend my time on what’s most important to me, making sure my work is done as thoroughly as it can be and that my family is taken care of, as well. Okay, not in that particular order, but you get my point. I’d never noticed the one person I wasn’t taking care of at all. This person slid under my radar each and every day. They were invisible. As though they didn’t matter.

It wasn’t until late last night when I’d finished a three day writing conference when an idea shimmied through my brain. I was tired, happy to be back in my own safe and comfortable environment, feeling satiated with new ideas and concepts. The conference was a necessary step, a career move designed to improve my writing and to help me meet people who might play a part in my career in the future.

But it was more than that. It was something that fed my soul and nurtured my creativity. It was something for me. An odd sensation coursed through me. It was okay to do something that had initially felt selfish. It felt good to wrap my arms around myself. I couldn’t do it every day because…well….that would feel different. It was the specialness of the moment, the deep breath to fill my lungs that fueled my enthusiasm, leaving me feeling good.

How important are you in your own world? Do you take care of yourself? It doesn’t have to be a big something. Sometimes the tiniest things will bring you joy. Don’t forget yourself in the maddening rush to take care of everyone else. Recharge and tell yourself you matter too. Because you do.


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