Learning from the children

One of my many jobs is teaching karate. I love it, not only because I’m a total martial arts nerd, but I also get to hang out with kids. I can’t imagine not having children in my life in some way. They make my heart happy.

Some students go above and beyond in their training. If there’s a new student they welcome them, ‘show them the ropes’ and make sure they don’t feel alone. What a valuable lesson that is for the rest of us. Remember your first day on a new job? Overwhelmed doesn’t even begin to explain that feeling you had, does it? There’s usually that one person who helps you to settle in and quiet the nerves. I suspect that my young students who help out become those people later in life.

Sometimes I wonder why everyone is that way. There can’t be a special ‘nice’ gene that only some inherit. Personally, I think everyone is inherently kind. Unfortunately, life makes most of us jog along, always trying to keep up and we become so self focused that we forget to exercise our compassion.

That’s all it takes, really. Use your kindness to help someone. Take a moment and feel compassion with a fellow human being. Flex your gratitude muscle. Think outside of yourself. These are the things that make us good humans. Which muscle are you going to work out today? I hear that smiling doesn’t take too many muscles and it’s a good way to start yourself on the path to compassion and happiness. Share a smile. Oh heck, share a bunch. You’ll be so glad you did.


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