A Phone Call

I just received a phone call. It wasn’t hugely important, just a call to say hello. It let me know that the person was thinking of me, a fact that always astounds me. People actually think about me when I’m not around. Not because they want something, or because I’ve done something to make them angry. I just cross their mind. For a second or two I occupied their thoughts.

This may not surprise you but for me, it’s always an amazing thing. I figure most people are really busy, wrapped up in their lives with work responsibilities weighing down on them, families to take care of and their own passions to pursue and in the scheme of things, I’m not that important. Oh sure, I expect for some people to think of me. Clients. They want something. But others?

Let’s just say it makes me happy. And I didn’t really get one phone call. I got two. I’m feeling pretty special about now. Just think how special you could make someone feel if you picked up the phone and made a call. Or sent a text. Or dropped a note in the mail.

It’s the little things that matter the most. Give it a try.


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