When the world around you is spinning out of control

You can’t read the news or log on to social media without being inundated by bad news. Horrific events happening all around us as the world swirls out of control. Even the most upbeat and positive person eventually feels beaten down. What can you do? You cannot help everyone.

There are days my heart aches from the sheer enormity of evil being spewed out around the world. I want to scream and make everyone listen. “Just play nice.” If only it were that simple. It worked on my kids but its not going to work on the evil insidiously integrating itself into society. I can’t help everyone.

But I can help one person today. Maybe even two. I can be kind to them. I can make a difference in their lives. Seeing their smile after a tiny act of kindness makes a big difference in my life, too. It doesn’t take much. I don’t have to go out and buy huge gifts, showering them on people I know. Sometimes what they need is a hug. Or an encouraging word. Or someone to lend a helping hand.

Yes. It is that simple. Go out. Give it a try. Be the best human you can be. Be the human this world needs right now.


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