You Never Know

Not too long ago a good friend and writing buddy of mine decided to make a major change in her life and moved out of the country. Just like that, she was gone. Before she left, my little circle of writing friends all got together for one last cup of coffee, where we talked about our writing and lamented the loss of one of our own for the upcoming year. We also cautioned her to be careful as she was heading to a place with trouble brewing on its borders. We were worried for her.

Today she sent a message of shock and disbelief about the recent tragedy in Las Vegas, a place she’d visited just before she flew off halfway around the world. Who would have guessed that Las Vegas would be a more dangerous place than South Korea? Seriously, you never know what’s coming. You cannot guess where danger might be lurking and where craziness escapes killing innocent lives. Her message was poignant and heartfelt. We’d been so worried about her that we never considered harm could befall one of us here.

You never know. Live each day with a passion and a purpose. Let each day be filled with compassion and kindness. Be adventurous. Be bold. Be happy. Be the human you always dreamed you’d be. Don’t wait for tomorrow. It might be too late.


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