Letting Go

Yesterday I had a long conversation with someone who felt oppressed and hated and unhappy with everything going on in the world. The word racist was used quite often, slung around like a weapon that could terminate anything in its path. Honestly, I only indulged the conversation because I hoped I could make a difference and show that generalizations and accusations about past actions which occurred long before either of our lifetimes weren’t worth hanging on to.

“Let it go.” I screamed those words in my head louder and louder until I was sure they’d spill out my mouth. Nothing I said made any difference and I found myself getting sadder and more frustrated with every passing minute.

Some people want to be unhappy. They relish the feeling, taking great comfort as they wallow in their despair. I guess it’s easier to blame the whole world for any perceived slights and imbalance than to let it roll off and move on. Experience has taught me, those who don’t dwell in it become successful and those who do, well, they’re spending so much time on it they can’t possibly see the potential staring them in the face.

You can’t change everyone. You just can’t. Yesterday was my ‘letting it go’ day. I tried and then quietly moved on. Maybe one day, that person will understand. If not, I will know I’ve done my best. Today, I’ll try again as I venture out into the world. Maybe all I’ll do is give away a smile – and maybe that smile will change someone’s day.

Now…go be a good human.


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