Hash Tags and Prayers

I’m going to be honest and bare a little known truth about myself. Sometimes I worry that I feel too much. Is that possible?

Things happening in the world aren’t just tiny pinpricks registering momentarily and then disappearing. They slash into my soul, ripping it into jagged shreds. Today, especially.

How can anyone not feel horror at the recent shooting in Las Vegas? And now I’ve heard an early report about another shooting on a college campus. Enough already. Dear God, please help us.

In case you’re wondering, I mean those words literally. We need His help now, more than ever. This world is spinning out of control faster and faster. Not only is the shooting horrific but we have politicians making comments about the victims as though they deserve it because they are likely Trump supporters. Insanity has taken over any kind of reason, I’m afraid.

In a society that will hash tag anything on social media, how many will actually fall to their knees and pray? Not post some meme on FaceBook about prayers but actually speak to God and ask Him to help us. I hope and pray that prayers outnumber hash tags today and every day moving forward.

It’s time to be good. And kind. And love one another – differences and all. Say a prayer. We need it today. I’d say we all have a very good reason to ‘take a knee’.


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