Every morning I decide to wake up and put on a cheery face. No matter what. Now, if you know me, you might know that I’m addicted to caffeine in the morning. Basically, its what makes me bearable around other people, or is that makes them bearable to me? It doesn’t really matter, I suppose. I just need it, want it, crave it as part of my morning routine.

Only this morning, I didn’t have enough before I trekked out of the house, taking my teenage son to school. Apparently, he needed some caffeine as well as he was grousing at me and I was trying hard not to snap back. There are moments when silence is important and today was one of them. I get it – he hates getting up early. Can I blame him? It’s in his genes. (Yeah, my contribution.)

His grumpiness was just that – good old fashioned needing sleep grumpiness. I’ve run into it a time or two myself. So, I decided to keep it all in perspective while he groaned and moaned about my driving (I needed to drive faster) and then grumbled because he was too early. Yeah, a no win morning. But you know what? He’s entitled to one of these every now and then. He works hard at school, is taking college classes as a junior in high school, has a job, does volunteer work and is pretty okay for a teenage boy.

I put myself in his shoes this morning and tried to see the situation from his perspective. I might have had clearer vision if I’d have had more coffee but I think I did okay. Next time someone is grumpy with you or less happy than you wish they’d be try to see life the way they do at the moment. Then give them a hug. (I’m keeping his until he gets home. Totally not cool to hug him at school in front of his peers.) It will help their day and yours.

Now, go be a good human.


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