The Date on the Calendar

Every year as this date rolls around, I shudder with dread. Old memories rise to the surface playing out in my mind like it was just yesterday. It’s hard to believe that it was sixteen years ago. September 11th. Up until 2001 it was just a date crammed on the calendar between the 10th and the 12th. Unless it was tied to a birthday or anniversary, I dare say most of us never gave it a second thought. Until 2001.

Now, I can’t get the horrific images out of my brain. While the impact has softened a little it has not gone away. I suspect for our generation, who watched in horror seeing true evil revealing itself in front of our eyes, the feelings will never go away. Not really. We will remember. We must remember, otherwise history can so easily repeat itself. Man cannot eradicate evil, but we can fight it with every single breath we take. Whatever cloak it wears, we must recognize it and not let it consume us. Unfortunately, it seems merely not agreeing on political issues is enough to paint someone as evil. It’s time to unite and move forward, fighting our true common enemy who still has the same goals as they did on September 11, 2001. 

Let us never forget. Instead, let us go forth, being kinder to each other. Recognizing heroes among us. Being brave even when we don’t want to be.



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