Topsy Turvy World

The images coming out of Texas are heartbreaking. We’re seeing people rescued by boats, houses submerged with memories and possessions soaked and ruined. The death toll is climbing and there’s no imminent relief in sight for the people in Houston. Our world, already skewed out of its normal orbit, has turned completely topsy turvy.

In the midst of it all, we see people helping people. Good deeds done with no expectation of reward. Social media is reacting with happiness and joy. While it makes me happy to see this, it also saddens me as well. These same good people were in Houston a week ago, a month ago, and a year ago. People who regularly help one another. There is so much more compassion in this world than the media normally shows us. Why does it take a disaster before these stories are told? The media thrives on focusing on the hate. It gets rating. When all we see is that, we start to believe nothing good is being done. And it is.

Please question what the media gives you to watch. Think about it. Process it, and then research for yourself. No one is all good or all bad. They just aren’t. If you wanted to write a story, the first thing a writing instructor would tell you is that you have to make your characters believable. The protagonist isn’t all good and the antagonist isn’t all bad. So why do we believe it when the media offers only the negative slant? Ask yourself that. Don’t fixate on what you want to see. Be honest with yourself.

Be the change the world needs to see. Start today. Right now.


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