It’s a matter of choice

I do not wake up every morning full of joy and glee, listening to the birds chirp with love spilling forth like a Disney movie. The truth is I don’t like getting up in the morning. If I had my way, I’d sleep until noon, slinking out of bed, downing enough coffee to sink a ship and then, just maybe, unfold myself enough to begin interacting with the world.

But life doesn’t let me do that. Between shuffling the kid off to school, making the hubby’s lunch and my job, getting up at a semi-obscene hour is required. Okay, you’re right, I’m not being honest. It really is an obscene time to have to slap my feet upon the floor, bleary-eyed and groggy from the sleep I didn’t get.

That’s life. I can hear some of you now, “Suck it up, Buttercup. Deal with it.” Which is precisely what I tell myself every morning. It’s a choice how I start my day, so while my soul is parched, on the eternal quest for enough caffeine to get me through this 24-hour cycle, I remind myself, “I have coffee to drink“. And I’m blessed with a son to take to school. And making my husband’s lunch is the least I can do for him, so I do it with a happy heart.

It’s a matter of choice. I can grumble through my day or be grateful for what I have, not focused on what I want. My needs aren’t that many and I’m fortunate to have them met. There are those in the world who don’t have basic necessities and they are the people who we should all help. Yeah, there are days when the first thing I think is, “NO! I do not want to adult today,” then I remind myself there are those who would have loved to have opened their eyes and had twenty-four more hours.

So, I choose to hear the birds chirping, as I gather up my courage and my full coffee cup to face the day. Happiness comes from within. Stoke the fires inside yourself by finding the joy in your soul and the compassion in your heart. Appreciate the little things. It’ll make your day. I promise.


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