Time Out

Oh my goodness, if my children had acted the way some adults are acting now I’d have put them on a time out so fast it would have made their heads spin. While not everyone agrees with making kids take a time out, I found it effective for the senseless squabbling going on. Having four young kids meant I was outnumbered and I’d better be crafty if I wanted to maintain control. I could have yelled and screamed (okay, sometimes on my lesser days I did) but making them stop the chaos and yelling seemed to make most sense to me.

Therefore, a time out. Given a few minutes to simmer down my children, even though young, were able to calmly get back to the business at hand. Which for them, of course, meant playing.

In my humble opinion, it’s time for this crazy world to take a gigantic time out. Seriously, it couldn’t hurt a thing and it might be just the tonic to soothe the savage name calling and hatred being spewed forth.

What if you closed your eyes, saying thank you for all of the blessings surrounding you? What if you thought of your neighbor before yourself for five minutes? What if you appreciated the little things instead of trying to find things which aren’t even there?

Huh…no answer to that? I didn’t think so. Go on, take a time out. Five minutes. Ten minutes. Heck, go for broke and absorb fifteen whole minutes of peace and solitude. Then come back to humanity bringing peace and love with you. Yes. It is that simple.


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