A Little Dab of Kindness

This morning a picture of my son popped up on my Facebook feed as a memory. What a sweet memory it was, too. He was five years younger, his face eager and reflecting joy. It was such a goofy picture really. There he was standing outside a local art gallery pretending to be a statue. What fun memories it brought back.

We’ve done our best to raise him up to be a kind, good and strong young man. I think we’ve done that. The only really hiccup along the way has been explaining to him that kindness isn’t always reciprocal. You give even when you don’t receive. Let me explain by sharing an example.

At the post office invariably I’d turn around and he’s wasn’t there. He was holding the door open for a long string of people. Afterwards he confessed his unhappiness. “Nobody told me thank you.” My heart ached when I heard the sadness in his voice. Let’s face it, how much does “Thank you” really cost? We explained to him that kindness is its own reward. No thank you’s are necessary. They’re a bonus to warm your heart.

Thankfully, he understood and kept up his practice of sharing a dab of kindness with strangers. With or without thanks offered in return. He does it out of the goodness of his heart because that’s who he is – a hulking sixteen-year-old overflowing with love and kindness for his fellow human beings. He’s a shining example of what we all should be. So, go out today and share a tiny dab of kindness. Spread it around freely. Make someone’s day.


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