There are others like me

I’m a writer. That’s what I do. I write. And I’m always plotting out my next story, figuring out the next novel, while creating characters and situations to put them in. One part of the plotting process is figuring out what my protagonist wants. This morning I was struck by a thunderbolt. Okay, not literally, but I was zapped all the same.

This nice little book I’m plotting out isn’t so little after all. The characters want the same things we all want. They want to be heard, to be understood and to know there are others out there just like them – that they have a tribe. That they belong. Somehow this little adventure took a major turn, plopping me right in the middle of something much larger and tangled. The protagonist is a woman, like a lot of you, facing changes in her life. We don’t always like the roads we have to travel and when we’re careening out of control with no brakes it gets scary.

Change is hard and some changes require letting go, making it even harder. Along the journey she meets people who have their own tales to tell. I hope those characters resonate with the reader. The under-represented finally being heard.

Have you read a book that has a character like you? Share it with us. We’d like to hear your story. Who knows, you might even become a character in mine.


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