A Little Kindness

Ahhh….Monday. Groans and moans rise up through the universe as Monday rolls in. We’d all much rather have time off to play and spend with our families. Work. Yikes, now there’s a four letter word. We shudder at the mere mention of it.

I like to put a little twist on Mondays. Don’t think of them as going back to work, rather think of them as another day your lashes fluttered open, your heart was beating and your lungs expanded as they gulped in air. You’re alive for a purpose. Mondays mean another opportunity to go out and be kind in this crazy world. Offer a smile. Say a kind word. It’s amazing how much difference a little kindness can make in someone’s day. It doesn’t cost you anything except a few seconds effort.

Appreciate this twenty-four hours as much as you did Saturday’s or Sunday’s. You’ll never get them back again. Oh, and that work thing? Be grateful you have a job. Lots of people woke up this morning praying for what you have.

Go forth, march into the universe being your big, bad, bold self, leaving a path of kindness in your wake. I dare you.


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