This morning I sat watching two birds play outside my husband’s office window. They swooped and rolled, sheer delight dripping from their wings. As I saw it, the birds were playing. Do birds play? Why not. They landed over and over again on the same palm trees before gliding out into the crisp blue sky again. They weren’t even the same types of birds and yet they played together. Neither squawked or attacked the other. Seems like we could learn something from the birds.

Play. I think I’ve had that word on my mind a lot lately. Perhaps part of the reason is an article I’m writing. Maybe the other half of the equation is our vacation looming large on the horizon. There won’t be much play for us this year. Instead we’re staying home and putting in new tile in our family room – if everything goes according to plan at least. I can’t help but smile. We’ll be feathering our nest, with plenty of time to play in the future. Besides, as a writer and karate instructor I get to play all day, anyway. One job affords me the luxury of playing with words and the other allows me to yell and scream and run around, just like I did as a kid. I’d call that play.

Find some moments in your day. And play. Take care of your inner child. Allow yourself to soar and enjoy the flight towards happiness.


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