No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

I like to do things for people. Trying to make a difference in this world might also be my undoing. Very recently (like yesterday) I designed a piece for someone who needed it for their blog. No payment expected. A good deed. Apparently it wasn’t what they wanted but they lacked the words or expertise with words to say what they expected. This left me perplexed –  not quite to the point of pulling out my hair but close – since it was similar to the piece they showed as an example.

So, back to the drawing board I went. Taking the only concrete comment they made to heart. The font reminded them of a samurai. Okay, I’m going to admit I found that comment preposterous. I know my samurai and that font wasn’t it. Frankly, it was much more pirate-like, but hey, I’m a good sport and I made changes. Still not what they wanted. Their eloquent feedback was “it’s weird”. Now, I am a lot of things, weird included, so you’d think I’d recognize weirdness when I saw it. Apparently not.

I tried so hard to put myself in this person’s place. To see what they saw. To walk in their shoes, so to speak.  At some point it became impossible. And to be honest, I’ll only work so long for free before I call it quits. There’s something about needing to pay bills that slips into the back of my mind when a person isn’t happy with anything I do. We parted ways. I’d like to say and not before he said thank you. But he didn’t. Not one tiny utterance of thanks. That’s his problem. I’ll still be a sucker the next time someone needs something. After all that’s who I am. Go out and be a good human. And remember to say thank you when someone helps you.


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