A Gentle Nudge

Monday morning finds me with fuzziness wrapped around my brain. Lack of sleep and fighting off a little cough have combined forces in an attempt to slow me down. And I could let it. But on days like today I try to remind myself of how precious and fleeting life is, giving myself a gentle nudge to venture out into this wonderful universe. Even when I don’t feel one hundred percent I can make a difference.

My bad day would be a blessing to someone else battling a serious illness or disease. Keeping that thought in the front of my mind helps me to ditch the self pity and move on with a purpose. It could be so much worse and I know it. Cocooned in the knowledge that I can make a difference I am motivated and inspired to be a little kinder and a little nicer to those I meet.

Being a good human takes so little effort. What are you going to do today to make this world a better place than it was when you woke up?


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