What if…

You hear it said all the time. What if you had to walk in someone else’s shoes? Or, sometimes its put another way: You never know what someone else is going through. Yep, they’re both true statements, but unfortunately, that’s about as far as most people go with it. I have a question for you.

What if you treated others like you’d want to be treated? Assume that a perceived slight or some grumpiness might be because something negative has trampled into their day. A less than friendly attitude might have been triggered by the last person they interacted with. What if you smile and act gracious, no matter how they act? To some people that may seem crazy on the face of it. What an impact a tiny smile makes. Or a kind word.

Walk in your own shoes and look for the positive in life and then share it. It just might make it easier for someone else to stride through their own day with a sense of peace and happiness.

Compassion for our fellow human beings…it doesn’t cost us a thing. Go out and share some today. Pay it forward and be the inspiration that the world needs.


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