A Game of Chance

I was playing solitaire a little while ago. Percolating (or was it procrastinating?) some things I was going to write about. As I let my mind wander and the cards dictated the game I was struck by a little thought. A tiny glimmering shiny speck of an idea that grew into something much larger. Life is like that game of chance. Have you ever looked at the multitude of circumstances that all combined to put you where you are today?

Every so often my husband and I marvel at the seemingly unrelated circumstances that brought us together. We were born about 415 miles apart in different countries and yet life shuffled us along, moving us in the same direction until we ultimately met in the United States. Each tiny little speck of circumstance jogging us from our birthplaces (he was born in France and I was born in England) until we just happened to meet. Life is like that. A series of tiny acts and unrelated circumstances all culminating in our present realities.

So, what does one smile to a stranger mean? Maybe nothing and maybe everything. Perhaps one seemingly insignificant kindness will inspire another and another until they create a momentum of their own. Just think about that. Mind boggling that smiling at a stranger might have a huge impact down the line – a tiny wave that grows and makes a difference.

Give a smile away today. Start the wave of change by making someone’s day.


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