Life in a Bubble

As the fourth of July drew to a close last night our community went wild with fireworks. I don’t mean the little kind. I mean very big, very loud fireworks. There were just a few problems with this. First of all, in our city in Southern California still reeling from the drought, fireworks of this kind are illegal. We literally had two fires in town the day before – large fires that burned a lot of acreage. And last night some citizens went on a frenzy shooting fireworks off in the streets, much to the chagrin of both two-legged and four-legged creatures who were affected by them.

Hey, I’m all for fun and enjoying yourself but these people lived as though they were in a bubble. It was all very¬†narcissistic. Everything was about them. Our poor pups, along with many others in the city, had to be comforted and in some instances sedated. Why? Just so they could whoop and holler while lighting off their fireworks. It makes me sad. They didn’t think of anyone else. What about the veterans suffering from PTSD? What kind of suffering did these thoughtless people inflict last night? Wounds might have been reopened that will never heal.

Can I ask a favor? Please think about how your actions affect others. Don’t just think about yourself. It’s not a good way to go through life. It only takes a minute to make a difference. Be that kind of human. Have fun, but not at the expense of others.


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