Riding the Social Media Wave

Wow, every single day I log into my FaceBook account or pop onto Twitter I’m seeing the same things over and over again. More hate is spewed out on social media than ever before. Or so it seems to me.

If I don’t like the way you did something, social media gives me the right to be hateful, correct? No. Hiding behind the thin veil of your computer screen does not make it okay to spew malicious thoughts. How easy it is thunk out words of hate on your keyboard, without regard for anyone else. Not only can I call you out and entice the hoards of others who are waiting pounce but I can air all sorts of dirty laundry. It’s okay. Right?

No. Please take a moment before you post things to consider your words. A year from now, will they still matter? By all means, take a stand and stay true to your convictions but maybe you can find a nicer way to express yourself. Never has anyone been converted because they were bullied and harassed. Kind words have a much greater effect. Don’t believe me? Try it.

Current trends on social media seem to ignore common courtesies and manners. Would you say the very same thing in the same ugly way to someone’s face? A lot of times the answer is no. So don’t say it now and please, don’t tell me you can delete it. Nothing ever really disappears on the internet.

Let’s try something radical. Ride a wave of decency, sharing compassion and joy online. You might make the difference in the life of someone. Now wouldn’t that be powerful? Let’s give it a try starting now. I’ll go first. I hope you have a magnificent day, full of happiness and joy. May a stranger share a smile with you and here’s hoping you return it. Okay…now, it’s your turn. Go out and make someone’s day. Be the best human you can be.


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