Character Profiles

I’m a writer which means I’m also a people watcher with a great imagination. Spending time studying faces and reading the clues they give has become second nature. It’s my personal opinion that writers, as a lot, are by and large pretty well tuned into the world around them. We have a sense of what our fellow man is going through. Not all writers, but a large chunk of us.

Maybe that’s why the word sonder resonates with me. The whole world is scurrying around, ants in an anthill, on our way to work or running errands or exploring the universe all while living our big, bold, beautiful lives. Each of us is as important and colorful as the next. We have this tendency to live our lives thinking the rest of the people are just bit actors, characters in our play.

Guess what? That’s wrong. What if you are the minor actor in someone else’s theatrical¬†extravaganza? That sure changes things, doesn’t it? As humans our egos make us the most important person in the world. What if you passed by an elderly man, hunched over his cane, shuffling towards the Metrolink. What would register with you? That’s he’s an old man who doesn’t drive, headed somewhere, right? What if he’s catching the train because his car’s in the shop and he’s promised his sweetheart he’ll be there for the special dinner she’s cooking to celebrate his music being showcased in a movie. Hmmm….he matters – he’s someone. Yep, and he was when he was an old man scuttling along trying to catch the train, too.

We all matter and we’re all center stage in our live. Take the time to consider that other people matter as much as you. Lend them a helping hand. Do some kindness. Help them write a better story for their lives. You’ll be so glad you did.


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