A Tiny Piece

Today there have been two shootings. My soul aches, sadness flooding through me. Why can’t we be nicer to each other? I find myself wondering this all the time. What if we could see other people the way we understand ourselves? What if we saw their lives, the mundane and the struggles? I mean more than the old saying about walking in someone else’s shoes, I mean what if we really understood what makes them tick? What if we could appreciate their quirks and differences and love them all the same? Even those hard to love?

Now, I don’t want to get preachy or anything, but I do have my own personal philosophy about this. I believe we are each a part of God – our souls a part of him. Once I came to terms with this idea, it truly affected the way I treated others. Would I look in God’s face and say something cruel? Would I ignore a need or refuse to lend a helping hand? Then how could I do that to my fellow man? The answer was short and sweet. I couldn’t. I can no more call a stranger a name than I could bellow such ugliness in God’s presence. Funny, how one little concept changed a lifetime’s perspective.

I challenge you to see life through my eyes for a change. View each person as a glorious creation. A tiny piece of God. It will make you a better human. And your soul will dance in the rain, spilling over with joy and love. I dare you. Try it.


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