What’s in a name – part deux

From The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows

n. the kind of unnoticed excellence that carries on around you every day, unremarkably—the hidden talents of friends and coworkers, the fleeting solos of subway buskers, the slapdash eloquence of anonymous users, the unseen portfolios of aspiring artists—which would be renowned as masterpieces if only they’d been appraised by the cartel of popular taste, who assume that brilliance is a rare and precious quality, accidentally overlooking buried jewels that may not be flawless but are still somehow perfect.

Silience, not to be confused with silence. What a brilliant word, when you think about it. Silence is the absence of sound whereas silience has to do with the excellence flittering on around you. Sadly, it isn’t noticed, yet it’s there, enveloping you in its absolute glory, available to those eyes who pause long enough to see it. Not grand and spectacularly screaming to the masses but precious and perfect in it’s own imperfections. A treasure, unexpected and unrequired, yet there, all the same. A glorious sunset at the end of a rainy day or the ringing tones of a phone ready to connect you to a long lost friend. The beauty is there. Listen for it. See the glimmers as they poke through the ordinary and mundane. They are there.

The thought of silience surrounding me gives me joy and hope and…something else, undefinable but there as certain as the air I breath and the dreams which carry me step by step through life. Slow down for a moment. Don’t seek perfection, look instead for imperfect brilliance. It’s there. The silience of the world is waiting for you, if you’ll just take the time to see what others never will.


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